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About this projet

This project is a remake of the game Wolfenstein 3D released in 1991 by id Software under the Source Engine. This is not a port of maps into Source, but a remake of all; rebuilding maps for fit with the game engine, add props and others stuff. For help to understand, ex; Half-Life 1, I not make the "Half-Life: Source" but like "Black Mesa". For the moment I'm alone in the project for making all, if you can help, contact me (levelKro).

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Mod features

  • German NPC with 3 skins for soldiers, and 3 mores skins for Hitler NPC (boss);
  • Weapons and items look like from WW2;
  • Sounds from original game, remasterised in HD;
  • Soundtrack from inspired remix/edit of original game's music;
  • NPC and items health and recharge balanced for more challenge (compared to HL2);
  • Introducing Shield (combi energy from HL2), replace treasures from original game;
  • Textures and level design inspired from original's maps of Wolfenstein 3D (PC/Steam version)
  • Not just a recreation of the levels, it is also a revisit of the design and styles of the rooms, as possible in a castle or a bunker, with objects and variations of textures (all respecting the original game).


Consult the complete list here: Credits list on Moddb.com

The mod uses resources (textures and models) from creators outside the project. First, we design the mod and use the resources found if necessary. Before putting a public playable version online, the authors whose resources have been used will be contacted to ask for their authorization to use. If you are the author of a visible resource in one of our media, and whether or not you wish to grant your authorization, you can communicate with me via levelkro (a) Yahoo (dot) ca. We respect the work of others, we do not appropriate creation.

Nickname levelKro is registered!


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Main menu background [Wallpaper Engine]
Tech Demo Alpha 1 119 MB

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